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Calling all bootleggers and flappers…

Wander around author Sherilyn Decter’s website, The Bootleggers’ Chronicles, and you’ll find stories about gangsters, articles about flapper fashions, book reviews of novels set in the 1920s,¬† as well as updates on Sherilyn’s own five-book series set in Philadelphia during prohibition (injustice and revenge, anyone?)

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That Jennie Justo... what a dame! Reminds me a bit of myself, except I'm no skirt, of course. And I would'a handled that Roy idiot a little different. (rat-a-tat-tat!!)

Al (Scarface) Capone

The Roaring Twenties. It was a decade defined by vitality and violence. The world as they knew it had been blown apart by World War I.

Taking its place were feisty flappers and enterprising bootleggers who lived in a world of back alleys, speakeasies, and smoky jazz clubs. It was a world of elegance and decadence.

Women were voting, getting jobs, starting businesses, and reveling in their new found freedom. Men were finding out how many doors could be opened if you carried a tommy gun.

It was a time of lawlessness and injustice. Prohibition turned America into a playground for bootleggers and gangsters. It’s hard to say what was more dangerous; the evil that thrived there, or people who did nothin’ about it.

Lose yourself in the Bootleggers’ Chronicles, and discover why everyone loves to hate American gangsters, and how the insatiable spirit of the flapper defined an era.

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