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Do you like to read about feisty dames who are moonshiners, bootleggers, rum runners?

Sherilyn’s novels are not just stories of prohibition in America, they’re stories of womanhood and strength.

The feeling one is left with when closing one of these books is one of steely determination and hope.

There is so much to rave about in this fantastic novel; I hardly know where to start. The setting, time period, and characters are all wonderful. There are a couple of things the roaring 20s are known for, but Big Sky Murder veers off the beaten track into the lesser explored territory of rural prohibition America. Decter has clearly done her research, not only on historical aspects, but on moonshining, Montana, and human nature. The novel is lush with sensory and historical detail that keeps the world textured.

Moonshiner Mysteries review

Sherilyn Decter delivers an intriguing, unique and enthralling story here that was so irresistibly written. I absolutely loved Edith’s voice and thought she was such a fantastic character. The author writing is vividly descriptive, bringing this iconic era in our history stunning to life in atmospheric imagery. So if you’re into American historical times, and prohibition, along with a stellar strong woman. This fast-paced historical read will be the perfect book for you.

Rum Runners' Chronicles review

Decter has created an intriguing mystery that combines the best of the historical mystery genre with the gothic eeriness of paranormal. Because of the time period, it doesn’t really seem all that strange that the copper who helps Maggie is, well, a ghost. It just fits. And while there are those who shy away from magical realism or paranormal, this book marries these genres together so seamlessly that the storyline never once falters. The believability remains present throughout. It takes a good writer to do that and Decter accomplishes that feat. Innocence Lost is a well written, entertaining historical read; one that I highly recommend.

Bootleggers' Chronicles review

The Roaring Twenties. It was a decade defined by vitality and violence. The world as they knew it had been blown apart by World War I.

Taking its place were feisty flappers and enterprising bootleggers who lived in a world of back alleys, speakeasies, and smoky jazz clubs. It was a world of elegance and decadence.

Women were voting, getting jobs, starting businesses, and reveling in their new found freedom. Men were finding out how many doors could be opened if you carried a tommy gun.

It was a time of lawlessness and injustice. Prohibition turned America into a playground for bootleggers and gangsters. It’s hard to say what was more dangerous; the evil that thrived there, or people who did nothin’ about it.

Lose yourself in the Bootleggers’ Chronicles, and discover why everyone loves to hate American gangsters, and how the insatiable spirit of the flapper defined an era.

That dame’s glad-rags were the cat’s meow…

Oh, those fringes!

Those feathers!

All those sparkling sequins! 

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