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"Big Sky Murder is a delight on many levels. Historical fiction aficionados will revel in the intricate detail scattered throughout. Montana circa 1927 is a refreshing and fascinating place. But characters are at the forefront here, and Delores’s journey is one that won’t disappoint. At its heart, this novel is a fun, entertaining adventure with some excellent company along the way."

- Joelene Pynnonen, Independent Book Review

An adventurous historical mystery set in Montana’s gold fields. Life in Pony Gulch, Montana isn’t easy for any newcomer, but it’s an especially rocky road when you’re a bootlegging woman brewing moonshine in prohibition-era America. Delores Bailey is used to eking out a tough living in a man’s world. A disapproving community isn’t enough to run her off.

But when her only friend in town (Pete) is killed, Pony Gulch suddenly feels more threatening. A murderer being on the loose is one thing, but Delores knows that she’s primed to take the fall for this one. As a woman already on the outskirts of law-abiding society and a known associate of Pete’s, the suspicion against her mounts quickly. When the customer that could clear her name refuses to provide an alibi, Delores must decide whether to run or stand her ground.

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When a gold miner’s death is pinned on a Prohibition-era liquor peddler, can she count on those around her to help prove her innocence?

Pony Gulch, Montana, 1927. Delores Bailey takes no sass and pulls no punches. But when the wily moonshiner finds her only friend gunned down, she’s not surprised when the accusing fingers point her way. And with her only alibi reluctant to confess to an illicit nightly nip, she fears she may have to skip town to save her own skin.

Hesitant to trust anyone after years of self-imposed seclusion, an unexpected ally and her own loyalty convince Delores to stay and confront the leery townsfolk. And when her dogged search for information unearths a shocking clue, it might be the line between staying alive and getting riddled with bullets.

Can Delores flush out the killer before she’s shot full of holes?

Big Sky Murder is the first book in the gritty Moonshiner historical mystery series. If you like feisty dames, treacherous twists and turns, and unflinching frontier life, then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s gutsy whodunit.

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Amazon Lady of the Lake- Brandon