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The Moonshiner Mysteries is a series that keeps getting better.
History, mystery, adventure, and action align as a 1920s schoolteacher takes on the mobsters of Virginia City.
Soiled Dove Murder was the first book I read this year, and it’s an excellent way to kick off 2023. Sitting down with it was like settling in with old friends. Comfortable, yes, but also engaging, exhilarating and delightful.
I’d strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid historical adventure. There are a couple threads of mystery that weave through the series, teasing readers without reaching a resolution, and those alone will have me coming back for more.

- Joelene Pynnonen, Independent Book Review


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Amazon Lady of the Lake- Brandon

Red-light ladies mysteriously slain. A shunned group living on society’s fringe. Two frontier women digging up truth and justice.

Virginia City, Montana, 1920’s. Lucie Santoro will never turn her back on those she taught. So when a former student begs for her aid, the dedicated schoolteacher leaps into action to help the now successful bordello madam track down a missing Chinese prostitute. But the rescue mission tragically becomes a murder investigation after the young victim is found brutally killed.

Convinced the ruthless tong leader is the one responsible, Lucie and her loyal moonshiner friend, the feisty Delores Bailey, fight rampant bigotry as they race to gather evidence. But when another sing-sing girl is kidnapped and the blame again points to their cruel nemesis, Lucie must confront her fears to stop the rising body count… before she joins their numbers.

Can the determined spinster and her rebel ally defeat a deadly enemy hiding in plain sight?

Soiled Dove Murder is the thrilling third book in the Moonshiner historical mystery series. If you like gutsy heroines, well-researched Prohibition-era backdrops, and solving puzzles in reverse, then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s gritty adventure.

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Amazon Lady of the Lake- Brandon