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Facebook photos for Launch Day

Feel free to use these to help get the word out- and thanks!

I am just so excited about Launch Day for Innocence Lost. I can’t believe that I’m going to be a published author. And thank you for helping out. The “published” part of published author means that I need to have folks like you give me a hand to get the word out and people excited about reading the book.

Feel free to copy or download this image to use as your Facebook profile picture for a couple of days. (Right click on your mouse and save or copy.) If anyone asks why you changed your picture, you can tell them all about me and the book. And if you’ve read Innocence Lost, let everyone know how much you enjoyed it.


If you’d like some other images, click on the link and head over to the Media page. There are book reviews, excerpts, and other images. My Facebook Author page also has lots of stuff on it (as you can imagine!) and can be reached here. Follow along if you like… there’s always interesting stuff about the Roaring Twenties, flappers, bootleggers, and all things Prohibition.

If you have any problems, shoot me an email at

And thanks again!