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IL Review- A Chick Who Reads

Feb 16, 2019

Innocence Lost is a first book in a new Historical mystery series and if this book is any indication of what’s to come, well the future is really bright.
The book is set in Philly during prohibition. Bootlegging is going full steam and Maggie is doing her best to keep body and soul together for her and her son.  Then her son’s friend goes missing and no one seems to be doing much of anything to find the boy or what happened to him.

She gets help in her sleuthing from a very strange place, the ghost of a police man from the Victorian Era.

This is what made the book so different and so unputdownable. It really sets the book apart from most mysteries I’ve read set in this time period. Plus Maggie isn’t the typical heroine from the period. She’s strong and well….she’s a mother and not a socialite.

This is an absolutely wonderful novel!