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IL Review- passages to the Past

Feb 15, 2019

“Philadelphia has not yet lost its soul. It’s still the early days of Prohibition. Sure, you can see that rot around the edges of beginning to creep in, but people, for the most part, are enjoying the thrill of being lawmakers.”

Prohibition has been going on for about 4 years and bootleggers run the city of Philadelphia. Maggie is a single mother living alone with her son at a time where that was frowned upon. Despite her parent’s pleas to return home after losing her husband, Maggie is determined to stay independent.

When one of her young son’s friends goes missing Maggie is drawn into the case with the help of a the ghost of a long dead policeman. I liked how Maggie came out of her shell more as the novel progresses. She moves past her prejudices and misgivings and integrates herself more into the community. I enjoy watching a character evolve like that. She also overcomes her apprehension with working with a ghost and becomes quite the detective herself!

“I realize that it is unorthodox. But here we sit, a woman and a ghost and, if I join the investigation, I don’t know which of us would shock people more. Surely you see that the whole situation is unorthodox.”

Fast paced and intriguing, I was immediately drawn into the novel and by the time I looked up I was already halfway through the book! I finished the second half in one sitting too. That’s how hard it was to put down. Maggie and Frank are a great team!

I greatly enjoyed my time in the world created by Sherilyn Decter and can’t wait for the next book in the series, Tasting the Apple. I highly recommend Innocence Lost!