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IL Review- Pursuing Stacie

Feb 16, 2019

This book was such a fun read! I have been so excited to tell you about Innocence Lost. I mentioned to you recently that I have been getting into mystery novels, lately. Which has taken me down a rabbit trail of new and awesome novels. Lately too, I have found myself pulled towards ghostly novels. Not horror stories, mind you. Those aren’t my thing. But good ole’ fashion ghost stories.

Can you imagine the thrill (and major desire to tell y’all about it immediately?!) when I discovered that Innocence Lost has both??

Yep. Both. (enter annoyingly high-pitched squeal, here.)

The novel is set in Philadelphia, smack in the middle of the Prohibition. Maggie is a widow with a young son, trying her best to upkeep their less-than-stellar home in a bootlegger neighborhood. When her son’s best friend goes missing, she finds herself in situations that stretch her beyond her comfort zone.

Now, let me tell you right away that at first I could not. stand. Maggie. At first. I wanted her to be this strong, capable woman (which she was), but she was such a…well, to keep this post family-friendly, we’ll just use the word “snob.” It is a sign of a magnificent author, by the way, to be able to evoke emotions towards their characters. And I definitely had some emotions towards Maggie. But then, she started stepping out of her little box a bit; meeting her neighbors, taking on boarders, and joining forces with quite the ghostly detective. Then I started to see a side of Maggie that I thoroughly enjoyed and rooted for. Y’all, I could not put this book down! And I am so, so happy that it is only Book 1 in “The Bootleggers’ Chronicles,” because I need more.

A definite recommend!