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Author of the Bootleggers' Chronicles series

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#1: Sherilyn Decter is a writer, researcher, and lover of historical fiction. Her work is set in the Roaring Twenties and if you like feisty and determined heroines, complex cover-ups, Prohibition stories about criminal underworlds, police and political corruption, then you’re going to love Sherilyn’s grand gangster tales.

#2: Sherilyn Decter is enthralled with the flashing flappers and dangerous bootleggers from the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition. Through meticulous research, that lawless era is brought to life. Living in a century old house, maybe the creaking pipes whisper stories in her ear. To get the inside skinny on the Bootlegger’s Chronicles, you can reach Sherilyn at


The Roaring Twenties and Prohibition were a fantasy land, coming right after the horrors and social upheaval of World War I. Even a century later, it all seems so exotic.

Women got the vote, started working outside the home, and (horrors!) smoked and drank in public places. They even went on unchaperoned dates (gasp)! Corsets were thrown into the back of the closets, and shoes were discovered to be an addictive fashion accessory after hemlines started to rise. And thanks to Prohibition, suddenly it was fashionable to break the law. The music was made in America- ragtime, delta blues, and of course jazz. Cocktails were created to hide the taste of the bathtub gin. Flappers were dancing, beads and fringes flying. Fedoras were tipped. And everyone was riding around in automobiles (aka struggle buggies and I leave it to your imagination why- wink.)

Bootleggers’ Chronicles grew out of that fascination. Relying on meticulous research, Sherilyn Decter has written a series of historical crime fiction novels dealing with the bootleggers, rum runners, moonshiners, gangsters, flappers, and general lawlessness that defined Prohibition.

Growing up on the prairies and living next to the ocean, I am a creature of endless horizons. Writing allows me to discover what’s just over the next one. My husband and I have three amazing daughters, a spoiled grandson, and two bad dogs.

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Innocence Lost: Book 1 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles Series

Tasting the Apple: Book 2 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series



Rum Runners’ Chronicles

Gathering Storm: Book 1 of the Rum Runners’ Chronicles series

Bootleggers’ Chronicles

Innocence Lost: Book 1 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series

Tasting the Apple: Book 2 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series

Best Served Cold: Book 3 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series

Watch Your Back: Book 4 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series

Come at the King: Book 5 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series


Innocence Lost: Book 1 of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series


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The Bootleggers’ Chronicles series.