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Tales From The Book Dragon Gathering Storm Review

23 April, 2020

Hello My Fellow Book Dragons! This evening’s Gem was brought to me from sunny Florida by way of Philly. A beautiful gold wedding band. It is glows from afar, but will dim the eye and weigh down the heart when worn. It belonged in the era of Bootleggers and Speakeasies and it’s aura still weighs heavily on anyone who dares to don it. This is Gem Maker Sherilyn Decter’s “Gathering Storm”.

It is Book I of the Rum Runners’ Chronicles. Within these pages you will meet no ordinary set of women or men for that matter. These are the wives of the elite of Prohibition. Esta Seigel, Anna Lansky, Mae Capone and more. These women sported the rings the and names of the biggest men in Organized Crime. They are the Royalty of Rum Running. And this is the tale of one who chose to strike out on her own after her husband was gunned down. Edith Duffy, widow of Mickey Duffy, the King of Philly.

Edith isn’t like the others. She didn’t start out sitting around waiting for Mickey to buy her or steal her furs and diamonds. She went on gigs with Mickey. She was shot at and shot back. She helped drive the trucks and hide the hooch. She took the same risks as Mickey and his men. Edith is daring, brave and a little crazy. I loved her.

If you love nonstop action, intrigue and a woman who goes after what she wants and strikes out on her own in a period piece where there is a bullet, a mobster or a cop around every corner, this is for you. Decter has done her homework. Nothing is wasted. I have studied the Prohibition years and this is spot on. Three cheers for Decter and Edith. In her author’s note, Decter takes time to explain how she did her research and why. She also explains where to follow her for the next books in the saga.

Get Book I now and be prepared for Book II! I can’t wait, and you shouldn’t either! Until tomorrow, I remain, your humble Book Dragon,
Drakon T. Longwitten

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