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Sherilyn’s Book Launch Team

Exciting days are ahead for the release of my first novel, Innocence Lost. Thank you so much for expressing interest in being a part of our launch team. Your time is valuable and I do not want to expect more participation than you are willing and able to give. I expect this will be a commitment of 4-6 weeks, often with daily participation.

Let Sherilyn know by email that you’re interested.

You can be part of one book’s launch team or, if you’re having fun– and I think you will, be part of all the books launch teams.

Don’t worry if you’ve never participated in anything like this. We will lead you through it step-by-step. Along the way expect to have fun and make new friends.



  • A free e-copy of INNOCENCE LOST before it gets released on Amazon
  • Exclusive access to Sherilyn via a secret Facebook page
  • An insider’s look into the book publishing industry
  • A chance to exercise your creative muscles with suggestions for ways to promote the novel
  • The opportunity to make new online friends who love to read many of the same books you read
  • A warm, inviting spot online to hang out

… And most importantly,

the opportunity to have Sherilyn eternally grateful to you!!


  • You’ll read the book
  • You’ll write a short and honest review for Amazon and Goodreads and/or a book retailer of your choice within 48 hours after the launch. (instructions for writing and posting provided)
  • You’ll share promotional posts, links, memes and other good stuff about the book on social media for a period of approximately 4 weeks around the launch date.
  • Are you a blogger? How great is that! Bloggers who review the book on their site will earn extra brownie points!
  • You’ll spread the word about Giveaways, Special Content and other activities
  • You’ll harness your excitement for the book into creative ways to promote it

Click here to apply to be part of the Bootlegger Launch Team


Set in Philadelphia during Prohibition, the Bootleggers’ Chronicles follows the journey of Maggie Barnes as she grows from a widow and single mother living isolated in her community under financially desperate circumstances to a successful investigator, landlady, and professional.

The driving force behind the books are Maggie’s struggles to protect her son and weaken the hold of the bootleggers and gangsters on her city.

The story of Philadelphia, and many other American cities during the thirteen years of Prohibition, is one of lawlessness, corruption, and violence. Sherilyn has done extensive research into the times and that historical accuracy shines through.

If you like…

street-savvy heroines,

complex cover-ups, 

1920s crime stories about criminal underworlds, temptation, and corruption,

… then you’ll love Sherilyn Decter’s grand gangster tales.